3rd Annual Indigenous Health & Well-being Initiative Summer School


The Inter-disciplinary Initiative (IDI) on Indigenous Health and Well-being at Western University (London, Ontario), is pleased to announce the...

Children as Citizens: The Child Welfare System and Indigenous Peoples


Presented by the Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre (IPHRC) & the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public...

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University of Regina

University of Saskatchewan

First Nations University of Canada

Welcome to IPHRC

The Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre (IPHRC) is a partnership between the University of Regina, First Nations University of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan, with broad support from various health boards and Aboriginal health organizations. We are supported by the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (IAPH), an Institute of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Funding provided to IPHRC is primarily focused on building capacity in health research among Aboriginal people, communities and institutions through trainee support, and promoting research into areas of Aboriginal health.


Our Focus

  • Indigenous identity, place and connectivity, and cultural/linguistic continuity, as they relate to health
  • Mental health and addictions
  • Complex interactions of factors
  • Chronic disease

The principles that inform our research are community-based and interdisciplinary. Policy, knowledge translation and social determinants of health transcend all four focus areas and are a required aspect of all of our research.

Beadwork courtesy Isabelle Impey and the Gabriel Dumont Institute
Beadwork courtesy Isabelle Impey and the Gabriel Dumont Institute,

Grad Student's Thesis Successfully Defended & Nominated for an Award


IPHRC funded graduate scholarships from 2013 to 2014. Jennifer Billan was one the graduate students that had received this. In...

Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew Presented at POR Workshop


IPHRC Director Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew presented at the Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Workshop on November 13th at the University of...

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