About Us

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Who We Are

The Indigenous Peoples’ Health Research Centre (IPHRC) is jointly owned by the First Nations University of Canada, the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. IPHRC is funded by the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (IAPH) which is one of twelve Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). All IPHRC faculty and staff are employed by one of the three partner universities. 

Our mandate is to develop capacity for community-based Indigenous health research in Saskatchewan and to create networks of Indigenous health researchers regionally, nationally, and internationally. We also support the creation of an ethical environment in research that supports Indigenous community-based definitions and solutions to health, which acknowledges Indigenous models and methods of health and influences government policies and practices in respect for Indigenous health delivery and promotion.

The accomplishments of IPHRC researchers and students are many and include various publications, presentations, grants, awards and successful projects. We have distributed nine rounds of summer research awards to over 70 undergraduate students and graduate fellowships have been awarded to over 30 PhD and Master’s level students. Of the over 100 students IPHRC has supported, 98 have been Aboriginal. 

We have also funded over 50 community-based Indigenous health research projects. In addition to funding support, IPHRC has held numerous mentoring sessions and research colloquia to provide networking and information sharing opportunities for students and researchers across the province. We believe in sharing, increasing accessibility and capacity, and empowering all students, researchers and communities who are committed to Indigenous health research.

In total, IPHRC has been able to contribute over $3 million to Indigenous health research in Saskatchewan and continues to lead the way in building Indigenous health research capacity in the province.

What We Do

Our funding is open to communities, organizations and health researchers in Saskatchewan. Preference is given to Aboriginal students and to students enrolled in Saskatchewan universities. Projects must demonstrate both scientific excellence and demonstrated relevance to Indigenous community health priorities. The principles that inform research should include community-based, interdisciplinary, policy, knowledge translation and social determinants of health.

Please browse our links on the left to find out more information about how you can access funding for your Indigenous health research as a student, researcher or community partner.

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